Just around midnight

Last night, I went out and watched a few old classmates perform at a local bar.  A few other people I knew were there, so I stayed for a while.  When I came home, my mom came out of her room and said her throat still hurt.  She decided to take some ibuprofen and try to sleep again.  When I woke up this morning, I found out she spent the last four hours in the emergency room.  Apparently, the high blood pressure medicine she’s taken for years finally caused an allergic reaction, and her throat swelled shut.  The medicine she takes is Losarta/HCT.  The emergency room workers have seen so many of these cases, they knew exactly what caused the reaction when she told them which medicine she takes.

Edit:  She went to her cardiologist, and he prescribed a new medication.  So far, everything’s going well.  Also, the pain she felt in her throat was fluid buildup around her esophagus caused by her old medication.


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