Job Hunt

I decided to spend this afternoon sorting through job sites.  Wow, what a headache.  I am currently employed in sales; however, I am trying to move into journalism or TV/radio/film writing or production.  (I still keep entertaining the idea of being a musician as well–since I did spend years training to be one.  I think I could probably be in both industries, as long as I make money doing one of them.)

Anyway, job hunting is still as depressing now as it was before.  There are thousands of places to apply and millions of people applying.  It’s hard to stay focused and not be overwhelmed by the figures.  All I keep reading is three to five years of experience required for positions where I am (mostly) otherwise qualified.

I guess starting a blog or website with informational videos, podcasts, and/or articles might be the fastest way to gain experience. I just hate giving work away for free.  I work hard writing articles and producing shows, and I feel like I shouldn’t have to give away all of my work when I know it’s quality material.  I understand giving away some in order to earn a reputation to sell others, but it’s very difficult for me to give work away.

Of course, it needs to be seen in order for it to sell.


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