Eeyore at work

I guess it’s because I work on Saturday,  but Friday seems more depressing than Monday.  What i really want to do is put on some headphones & tune out the world.
Even though I get along well enough with my coworkers, I feel separated from them by physical & psychological barriers.
A few of my coworkers are around my age, but as the only female among them I am left out of most conversations, especially if they’re talking about last night’s party or some “hot chick” who walks in the store. Granted, sometimes I join in anyway,  but the barrier remains.  My other coworkers are closer to my parents’ or grandparents’ ages. While they are very nice & fun, the barrier still exists, where they see me as a girl who works for them more than with them–not all of the time but enough of it to make it felt.
Also, my desk is removed from all of the other desks in the office.  If this were a normal office it would be fine, but I need to see customers & coworkers while finishing desk work.
Happy Other Monday.
PS: My job search has been ok. I decided I should start a podcast to replace my old radio show & possibly a YouTube channel, too. I figure it will help boost my freelance resume.