Morning Coffee

My mom and I had a chat this morning about what I’m going to do, since I am not going to UT.  I have firmly expressed my dislike for being a salesperson in the past and present.  She reminded me that even if I move to a different city, my past experience is in sales and will probably lead to another sales job if I don’t garner new experience elsewhere.  Since I did well in the communications course at our local university, she recommended I look into taking more classes there to help me work my way into the radio/tv/film/news industry.  I kind of think she’s right…

Yes, moving to Austin immediately would be fantastic.  Yes, it is possible to move somewhere with just spunk and minimal experience and create a niche for yourself.  However, it’s much harder than moving with connections.  Even my friend Ted who moved to Austin and is now in a semi-successful band had connections in our hometown that helped lift him out of his IT gig and into a touring indie rock band.  If briefly going back to school–really going and not just taking a class or two–will help me land a gig at a TV or radio station, then I can deal with living with my mother and putting up with my overly involved family for another year.  What worries me is if it doesn’t bear any fruit.  If it’s a waste of time and money.


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