New Beginnings

New beginnings start where old ones end.  Today, I am researching how to earn money with my current half-realized hobbies.  They include:

  • Grammar policing
  • forum posting
  • reviewing books, movies, music, and comics
  • playing and writing music
  • writing articles
  • writing stories and poetry
  • taking photographs of landscapes
  • traveling
  • dancing
  • other artsy things, such as painting
  • cooking
  • reading
  • learning languages
  • organizing

While it is a large list, I think some of these points can be made into money-earning ventures.  I am debating opening a podcast or similar online program.  One of my friends suggested I use youtube, since they pay people with large viewing audiences.  Also, I can create different channels for different topics.  I also have copies of my old radio show to send as demos to various radio and/or TV stations.  In addition, I can always try selling my music on myspace, iTunes, Amazon, or actually going out and performing in local pubs.

I don’t know how you would become a paid critic or reviewer, since so many sites offer free reviews by “regular Joe’s,” but I think Goodreads or similar websites might offer payment for high-capacity reviewers?

I know most companies that publish your work in magazines or collections want you to enter a contest and pay fees–generally to turn you down, but let’s not be too negative.  Besides, there’s always self-publishing.

As for getting an editing job, even if you have a background in English literature or grammar, the publishing market–including magazines, periodicals, and online or traditional newspapers–seems inundated with near-homeless Grammarians who are one espresso shot away from madness, and they want an editing position to bring them away from the brink.  You have to fight fifty-year-old interns for minimally paying or free positions because their 401k was destroyed and modern medicine keeps them alive to work another day.  Nevertheless, there is hope.  If you can somehow sneak past the computer watchdogs and let someone who cares see your work, you might have a chance at a new job in editing.


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