An email and…

I emailed my spring semester university counselor recently, asking him for advice on my next course of action:  should I return as an undergraduate college student yet again and earn more credits in communications, or should I forget going back to college and instead focus on earning a reputation as an independent reporter trying to sell articles?  He still hasn’t responded.  I can’t blame him for taking his time.  He can’t promise I will earn an internship with the aid of additional university contacts and skills, and as a professor he is almost obligated to sell his degree program to participants with means and motivation.

Nevertheless, his conundrum does nothing to ease my own.  I feel trapped in an endless cycle of doubt and fear of losing what little I have; yet, I know if I do nothing, I can never break free.  I try to be responsible and make choices where I won’t be strangled by debt; instead, I am strangled by indecision.

If no assistance comes from this email, I am not sure what I will do.  I know the two best choices are to either quit my current job and take more classes in communications in order to help me better equip myself for a new job, or I can quit my job and move somewhere else to make a better go at becoming a reporter or musician–or something like it.


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