I know it’s very old fashioned,  but I prefer balancing my checkbook on paper. I also don’t use automatic withdrawals for any of my regular bills. By writing my checks by hand for regular bills or going on the company’s website each month to pay my bill, I have a better sense of how much money I spend. I feel the money leaving each month, and I know where it is going. I have a better grasp of how I am spending it because I record all of my receipts in my bank book.  This way, I have money when I really need it & spend less when I need to save.


What’s in a Name?

Over the years, I have briefly flirted with pseudonyms and pen names.  For this blog and others, I don’t use my real name–not because I fear for my life or anything else so dramatic, but because I want to remain free to think no one I know will connect it to me.  Granted, I know at least a couple of the people who may or may not read what I say, but most of them–coworkers, managers, acquaintances, unknown people who look up my information–don’t know I am the one writing.  However, soon I hope to launch a Youtube channel. (I know, big deal, right?  It seems everyone has a Youtube channel, and everyone has a blog, and about three of those people actually become known for five seconds.)  Basically, I don’t know if I should continue using a pseudonym–and permanently settle on one–or if I should use my real name, since some of my work will be journalistic.  Also, some people have commented that my real name is pretty unique and fits me well.  On the other hand, I’ve had trouble with stalkers in the past, and I would really really prefer they couldn’t find me.  Thus, the question remains the same:  to pen my name or change it?