Should I stay or should I go?

I’m back at the crossroads.  I am considering leaving Facebook again.  Partially, it’s because most of what I see on it is spam from other users or from corporations.  The other reason is I dislike how much Facebook knows about me and how easily people can find me.  Not to mention, several relatives are on it now, and they continuously sent me friend requests until I accepted, whether I wanted to friend them or not.  Now, I have real-world grief from them even when writing the simplest of messages.  For example, our area was covered by an ice storm a month ago, and my aunt told my mother to fuss at me for saying I couldn’t make it back to my apartment that night.

I noticed Facebook collected the phone numbers of nearly every user in my friends list and added them to my phone.  While I know I could remove them, it disturbs me when I think how many people could possibly have my number without my knowledge or consent.

Despite these issues, it is still a difficult program to remove, especially when some important contacts are connected to it; however, I don’t see or really know a lot of the people on my friends list anymore, so why not remove old data?  We’ll see what happens.


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