Einstein’s Crazy Idea

Frontier Fields

Total solar eclipse of May 29, 1919 One of the original plates from the 1919 solar eclipse used to measure the effects of general relativity. Click the image for a larger version, and note the horizontal lines that mark stars that were used for the measurements.

General relativity is just plain weird.

The basic idea of gravity we are taught in school comes from Isaac Newton’s “Principia” in 1687. Gravity is a force exerted by objects with mass. The greater the mass, the greater the gravitational force. The larger the distance between objects, the lesser the force ( it decreases with the square of the distance). The gravity of the Sun pulls on Earth and holds it, along with the other planets, asteroids, comets, etc., in orbit.

Not so, according to Albert Einstein in 1916. He came up with a completely new, and quite radical, alternative explanation.

Einstein’s crazy idea is that the presence of mass warps…

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I could have danced all night

I just finished my first gig since December, and it felt GREAT!!!! (Yes, the all caps “great” was entirely necessary.). I loved it.  There were hardly any people by the time I started playing, but I didn’t care–I was playing with real musicians again.  They were all very good, especially the other sax player, so it was a little intimidating when I kept losing my spot on the rides (I couldn’t remember when they ended 8P).  However, they were all very nice and encouraging.  After playing with them, I am able to pinpoint my weak spots more easily and know what I need to do to improve.  Also, tonight gave me more confidence about performing in other locations, such as on the street.  I was still a bit intimidated by the idea, but now I think it will work.  I need to just keep practicing and go out there and do it.

Mantra for today: “I can do it.  I think I can.  I think I can.  I think I can”

PS: I also had a job interview earlier this week, and I will be a Mellow Mushroom server starting in June. XD. I hope everything goes well.

Summer Search

I officially started my summer job search yesterday.  Sadly, I was a little too late for one of them–a local newspaper already hired their summer intern–but I know I can find something, even if it is restaurant work.  It would give me a more varied work experience, and I think I could do well as a waitress or assistant cook.  (I have a passion for cooking and fine dining.)  One person suggested I try working as a performer on the restaurant circuit.  A number of local places are hiring musicians several nights a week.  He said to let him know when I’m ready, and he would see if his contact–who said he wants to help others find gigs–would have any suggestions on available places.  I want to do it, but I’m afraid to rely completely on performance for my regular income.  Then again, it might be the right push I need to do it.  I’ll continue looking for a regular job and practicing my music; we’ll see what happens.

It’s the end of the semester, and I’m looking for a job again.  I received a school position for the fall and spring, which means I will have some sort of definite work during those times.  Right now, I need a job for the summer and possibly part-time in the fall, etc.  I can’t go back to the music store.  I need to grow, and if I go back, I know I won’t.  I’m going to apply to a few places and see what happens. I made a list including graphics and video places, as well as restaurants.  I think I should be able to work somewhere.  Mostly, I want to get off my butt and play music somewhere, even if it’s as a street performer.  I need to do it to overcome my fear.  I think, once I start doing it, it will be easier to continue.  Taking the first step is the hardest part.  I managed to play for some family members a while back; now, I need to play on the street.  I think playing there will work best, since I won’t have specific people watching me in a room.  We’ll see.