Summer Search

I officially started my summer job search yesterday.  Sadly, I was a little too late for one of them–a local newspaper already hired their summer intern–but I know I can find something, even if it is restaurant work.  It would give me a more varied work experience, and I think I could do well as a waitress or assistant cook.  (I have a passion for cooking and fine dining.)  One person suggested I try working as a performer on the restaurant circuit.  A number of local places are hiring musicians several nights a week.  He said to let him know when I’m ready, and he would see if his contact–who said he wants to help others find gigs–would have any suggestions on available places.  I want to do it, but I’m afraid to rely completely on performance for my regular income.  Then again, it might be the right push I need to do it.  I’ll continue looking for a regular job and practicing my music; we’ll see what happens.


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