The restaurant job was postponed until after the first week of July.  I really, really hope this position proves lucrative, considering how long I have waited.  I’ve been putting off having an eye exam partially because of a lack of income this summer.

The photographer’s assistant job is going well.  I have been working somewhat regularly, and I should have a decent paycheck by the 15th.  Also, I am learning a lot about lighting techniques, posing, and photography in general.  My boss even took my head and body shots for my new agency profile.  I will finally be able to finish my profile and link it to my business cards.  My current plan for business cards includes a woman’s silhouette with a QR code positioned like a tattoo on her back.  It will have links to my basic information, including (possibly) a short video resume.  I am going to bring them with me to SDCC, so I need to finish them in the next few weeks.

I am going to call a guitar instructor and a sewing teacher today to see about taking lessons before school starts again.  I think a guitar teacher can help me improve my technique and open my mind to other options in songwriting through a different outlook.  I have no idea how to sew; I can barely sew a button.  I think learning the basics is important, especially considering all the costumes I want to make.


Good News, Everyone

I was working on developing pictures of myself for a modeling agency–which I still need to finish, but anyway–and, on a whim, I decided to contact one of my dad’s old portrait photography buddies to see if he needed any interns this summer.  Well, when I contacted him, he said he actually had a paying position open and needed someone versed in photography and videography to help him!  I started Tuesday, and it looks like things are going well.  I still need to shore up the details, but everything is looking good.  I told him about the second job I accepted starting at the end of the month, and he said that’s fine because they won’t have work every day of the week.

Summer Job (?)

Technically, I have two jobs right now.  I am working for a restaurant, and I am employed by a temp agency.  However, the temp agency hasn’t called me, and the restaurant won’t open until at least June 23rd.  So much for the reliability of regular employment.


PS: None of the other restaurants or businesses where I applied have called to offer positions.

No Work :(

I hate not working.  I keep using money from my savings to pay bills, and it’s driving me crazy.  I hope the position I start at the end of the month really happens.  In the meantime, perhaps I can finally gather my cajones and go downtown to work as a street performer.  The on-and-off rain the past few days hasn’t helped, either.  I signed up with a local modeling/talent agency; maybe it will open some different doors for me.