Summer Job (?)

Technically, I have two jobs right now.  I am working for a restaurant, and I am employed by a temp agency.  However, the temp agency hasn’t called me, and the restaurant won’t open until at least June 23rd.  So much for the reliability of regular employment.


PS: None of the other restaurants or businesses where I applied have called to offer positions.


3 thoughts on “Summer Job (?)

  1. Honestly I know what you are going through. However I have a job I have to quit because I do not want to get fired and leave without a reference because my manager if screwing up and lashing it out on his staff. You want to work but life just is not ready to give. Keep trying… God knows I am x

      • Yeah, but hopefully soon I will find something better. Plus, I do want to leave the job with some dignity even though I would rather just not come in.. ever.. like at all. Then a remember it is a job I should be grateful however that does not mean that I just have to suck it up and stay there forever. Which leads to my second point I know you are frustrated but honestly something will come up. Keep going! God, knows I am

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