The restaurant job was postponed until after the first week of July.  I really, really hope this position proves lucrative, considering how long I have waited.  I’ve been putting off having an eye exam partially because of a lack of income this summer.

The photographer’s assistant job is going well.  I have been working somewhat regularly, and I should have a decent paycheck by the 15th.  Also, I am learning a lot about lighting techniques, posing, and photography in general.  My boss even took my head and body shots for my new agency profile.  I will finally be able to finish my profile and link it to my business cards.  My current plan for business cards includes a woman’s silhouette with a QR code positioned like a tattoo on her back.  It will have links to my basic information, including (possibly) a short video resume.  I am going to bring them with me to SDCC, so I need to finish them in the next few weeks.

I am going to call a guitar instructor and a sewing teacher today to see about taking lessons before school starts again.  I think a guitar teacher can help me improve my technique and open my mind to other options in songwriting through a different outlook.  I have no idea how to sew; I can barely sew a button.  I think learning the basics is important, especially considering all the costumes I want to make.


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