More job issues

The first job I landed this summer has become the job I may never begin. I was finally going to have a job as a server in a restaurant–something I could fit in between classes during the year, compared to the office/retail job I had previously, where work often followed me home and overflowed into my off time. I thought it would be an excellent experience, and I would have something besides retail positions on my resume. They were supposed to open mid-June. When they postponed the second time, I remembered one of my dad’s old colleagues and asked him about an internship in his photography studio. He said he had a paid part-time position open. I said great, but I might miss a few things when I start my other job. Well, the restaurant postponed twice since I started at the studio. Even if they open next week, the first week the restaurant is open to the public, I will be on vacation. It’s a vacation I planned in November, so I am not canceling it. After I return from vacation, I only have two or three weeks until school starts. Part of that time will be spent developing lesson plans with my teachers and putting together my thesis committee. Basically, the restaurant gig is a bust, and I think I will cut my losses and apply as a volunteer–or paid worker, however it happens–at the art museum downtown. It would be more in line with my areas of expertise, and it may be useful during the last year of my master’s program.


2 thoughts on “More job issues

    • Thanks. I think it will work. However, I tried volunteering for my university museum, & they never called or followed up on my inquiries. I’m hoping the city’s museum is a little better.

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