Job Update

I quit the restaurant during training.  I tried to do it, and I hated it.  The first day we had to wait on tables comprised of our coworkers, I felt like I knew nothing.  The coworkers at my table threw trash all over the ground–per orders of the trainers, but it was still upsetting–and one of them was being a smartass to me because I was late the first time I checked on them.  When he asked if I was upset, I said I never waited tables before.  I was miserable the entire day, and I would rather work in a retail store where I can eventually get away from asshole customers than have to deal with them and depend on them for money.

I’m so glad I quit.  I have enough hours from working with the photographer, and his work is more what I want to do.  I was very relieved I could stop going.  Of course, now the restaurant isn’t sending me the money owed for the time I worked as a trainee.  I did go to the restaurant and tell the manager I quit, and he was relieved I wasn’t going to another restaurant.  He was glad I told him, unlike some other people who said nothing and never came back.  I can’t decide if it would be worth the trouble to message them or contact them by phone and ask if they are going to pay me for the time spent with their company.  They owe me about $200, so I think I should email them to find out why they haven’t paid me.  It would at least pay the school fees not covered by my university assistantship.  I had to turn down a couple of paying gigs with the photographer in order to attend training, and the restaurant did say they were paying us for the time spent.


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