Fiery pit

I started calling my school job work-space the “fiery pit from Hell” in my mind.  Really, “frozen wasteland of the hopeless” would be a more apt description.  I keep trying to be positive, but stressful events, such as my supervisor not giving clear directions from the beginning, then offering some slightly off-kilter guidance after the fact, have already made this week much longer than the two days it has been in existence.  Also, I keep putting off work for my thesis.  I need to turn in the first draft of the literature review by October 16th, and I barely have half a page.  I am sort of reading the material, but the lack of Internet in my work-space adds an extra hurdle, especially when I forget my flash drive.

I had planned a nice field trip for my class, but it looks like I have to cancel it.  I thought I had it during an off week, but I apparently scheduled it during a time when they need to finish a project.  I really want to do it, so I might reschedule for the next week.  We’ll see.  I’m trying to stay positive.