Clean again!

After two months of not balancing my checkbook–and even longer having a table full of pieces of paper meant for the scrapbook–I finally cleared all of it!  The scrapbook items are pasted in their book.  My checkbook is balanced and ready for more transactions.  Even my kitchen is clean, and I’m washing towels.  Now, all I have to do this weekend is laundry, homework, other regular house cleaning, and go to work.  It sounds like a lot when I write it down, but it isn’t as bad as I expected.  Having a clear desk and a new Baroque-Classical study music playlist will help.  I knew the unclean desk was bothering me, but I didn’t realize how good I would feel once it was done.  All of the essentials from my list are finished.  It feels good.

Now, it’s time for part two.


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