Some work & more play

I decided to go out last night and support my friends’ band at a local bar. I was distracted all day by personal concerns, and I felt like going out was a good way to relax, build connections, and support the local scene. In addition to accomplishing those three things, I also ran into an old friend I haven’t seen in years. He and his sisters were there, and we had a good time visiting. In fact, I learned one of his sisters is in charge of the communications department for a large business in the area. She told me they will be hiring soon and encouraged me to apply. She also offered to look over my resume. It isn’t exactly the type of business where I want to work, but I may still apply. I don’t want to give up on working in entertainment, but I may take a detour if I have to in order to support myself. We’ll see.


To Connect Or Not To Connect

I can’t decide if I should mention my blog when questioned about my social media and/or writing expertise.  While I could say everything I say here in person, I choose to keep a few things to myself out of deference to the potential receiver’s feelings.  Also, I do tend to relax my filter a bit when I write, especially when I write about me or things I experience.  My question is, would it benefit me to mention and promote my blog to potential employers, or is it more likely a detriment to future success?


I woke up late today–after 9am–and have been pretty distracted since.  I know it’s me, and it’s sort of okay.  Social media and other parts of the Internet keep grabbing my very limited attention.  I keep flip-flopping between all of the things I need to do today.  Of course, the way to solve this is to start doing one of them.  I did do one this morning, but then I backtracked into the manga No matter how I look at it, it’s you guys fault I’m not popular.  Time to get back on track.  I find lists sort of help you stay on track in the forest of craziness.  Here is mine for the rest of today:

  • lunch
  • workout
  • practice flute
  • practice guitar
  • work on paper
  • rehearsal at 7pm
  • maybe work on paper some more after rehearsal

Phew!  Okay, time to get started.  Also, tomorrow I am definitely setting my alarm clock.  It’s a strong motivational tool to start acting before 11am.

My Second Husband

I decided my master’s degree feels like a second husband.  When I worked on my bachelor’s degree, there was a lot of confusion and passionate outbursts.  I was glad when it was over, but I missed playing music and felt like I could have done more to improve my time as a student: made better choices study-wise; taken different classes; not been so obsessed with some of the ridiculous personal crap that happened.  I started my graduate degree because the things I thought I wanted weren’t readily available, and I thought it might be good for me to diversify.  I also let other people help me persuade myself that it would be good for me to have a graduate degree, since I’m a studious and scholastically-minded person.  Now, I can’t wait for it to be over.  I like my subject area, but only in passing.  I keep having the thought “Oh, God, why am I doing this?”  I find sociology interesting, and I like certain parts of communications.  Advertising is rather unique in its goal of connecting people with goods and services, possibly without the desire of the people to be connected to goods or services.  However, the best advertising finds a target audience who wants what is being sold; they don’t foist products on people who don’t want or need them.  Anyway, I do like my master’s concentration.  I just don’t love it.  Still, I need to stop focusing on what I dislike and instead focus on what I need to do to graduate this spring.  Wish me luck!

New Year Same You

Happy New Year, everyone!
Updates: I am now another year closer to 30. I still have to finish my thesis proposal. I had some interesting holiday fun (see Le Oiseau Rebelle for details–I will update soon). And, I am quitting my second job. Well, mostly quitting. I will probably occasionally edit video for the photography job, but I am standing firm about not going on any more jobs or coming into the office every week to do side work. I thought I would have enough time and will-power to hold two jobs, finish school, and play in band, but I don’t. I need to reduce my load, and the photography position is the cut I am making. I love playing music. It is one of my great passions, so it wasn’t going to be cut. The university employs me as an assistant, so that’s staying, too. I have to finish this semester, so school has to stay. Also, I might be playing with some guys from band outside of school, which has been a dream of mine since I quit my old band several years ago. We played together for Christmas, and everything clicked. I hope I can keep it up. I think having attainable goals in the near future will keep me focused enough to apply myself and graduate. Cheers to a new year!