I woke up late today–after 9am–and have been pretty distracted since.  I know it’s me, and it’s sort of okay.  Social media and other parts of the Internet keep grabbing my very limited attention.  I keep flip-flopping between all of the things I need to do today.  Of course, the way to solve this is to start doing one of them.  I did do one this morning, but then I backtracked into the manga No matter how I look at it, it’s you guys fault I’m not popular.  Time to get back on track.  I find lists sort of help you stay on track in the forest of craziness.  Here is mine for the rest of today:

  • lunch
  • workout
  • practice flute
  • practice guitar
  • work on paper
  • rehearsal at 7pm
  • maybe work on paper some more after rehearsal

Phew!  Okay, time to get started.  Also, tomorrow I am definitely setting my alarm clock.  It’s a strong motivational tool to start acting before 11am.


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