To me, work is like long-distance running: you set your sites on reaching the next landmark, while keeping the final destination in mind.  Every goal-oriented project has steps.  “A” leads to “B,” which leads to “C.”

I decided to “buckle down” and work on my proposal.  I have been working on it, but not very regularly.  I need to finish in order to continue with my thesis and graduate.  I also have midterms coming soon, and I only read some of the material for one of my two classes–mostly because I am either working on my proposal, working on other projects for classes, teaching, or partying.  (Yes, I admit to having a good time.)  So far, things seem to be going well.  I am also working out regularly again.  The cold and wet weather put a damper on my desire to go outside.  I didn’t even want to travel to the gym to work out.  (I had some personal issues to resolve.  Taking care of those seems to have helped, too.)

I plan to continue working today until my proposal is ready to be printed again, hopefully for its last revision.


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