Say what?

My professor asked me to rewrite the introduction to my thesis yet again, so I decided to do a little additional research.  We worked on an introduction together (sort of), and I don’t like his phrasing for things.  Therefore, I decided to do a little extra digging and make the new introduction sound more like me.

In the process of searching for information on MTV, I learned the men and women working the programming lists every day and night were called “VJs.”  Yes, VJs.  I know it stands for “video jockeys,” but it sounds like the name of some fancy type of oral sex or STD.  “Stop VJs from spreading; wrap it up.”  Yeah, they might have wanted to reconsider the title for that position…



I was this close to having an amazing vacation planned for spring break.  One of my grad school friends invited a group of us to join him in Miami and Key West for vacation, but I was the only one who might have been available.  Despite the lack of extreme holiday fun, I am still going to try and finish as much work as possible before spring break.  I have too much to do–finishing my thesis, at least one major paper followed by two exams–at the end of the semester.  If I can break it down, everything will work better.  Besides, I can still drink and sit by the pool in my new bikini where I live.  Cheers to a spring break of potential!

PS: My spring break is the first week of April, so I still have a little time. 🙂


I spent a couple of hours this morning applying to a position for which I am both overqualified and underqualified.  In the future, I think mentally outlining an application letter with my qualifications before I start filling in the online form letter would save me a lot of time and trouble.  Now, I need to work on my thesis before my meeting this afternoon.  I’m still not quite prepared, despite spending additional time this weekend working on it.