I did it again.  I waited until the last minute to work on a paper, and now I will have to work on it over Festival International weekend.  While I did work on other projects this semester, I had trouble focusing on this one.  My lack of focus means I am still researching and writing the paper.  I will still be able to attend Festival, since I am in one of the groups performing Saturday.  I am also going to Jazz Fest Sunday to watch Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett–and other performers, too.  I don’t care for the venue, but Jazz Fest is still fun.  All of this means I will still have fun.  It’s a more structured version of fun than I prefer, but it will still be fun.

Back to work!  I’m starting page 7 of 15.  I’m still irritated about having extra work assigned tonight–my teacher asked me to attend a department thing on a (Festival) Friday night, as if I don’t have better things to do.  Anyway, everything will work out.

I never learn.  I sort of do.  In the end, I still put things off.



Well, now that I’ve taken a break from all forms of work to drink, paint my nails, and watch Forever on Hulu, I’ll get back to work.  Six pages (of fifteen) by the end of the night!  Yes We Can!

We Can Do It!

It may be after 9:30pm, but things can be accomplished tonight!


One of my deadlines this semester became more concrete this week.  I have to finish gathering data for my pilot study by Monday, and I have an advertising paper and powerpoint to finish by Monday as well.  I will have a lot of time tonight and tomorrow to work on everything, if I can concentrate.  I keep thinking about personal stuff.  It’s a bit distracting.  (See “Le Oiseau Rebelle” for more on the personal stuff.)

Fortunately, I made an outline for the advertising class paper.  I don’t feel very confident about the paper.  It’s about the history of advertising, including product placement.  It feels like my teacher is a bit too positive about everything.  She doesn’t correct people very often and says everything is great.  It’s nice that she is so perky.  It’s also detrimental when I want her to tell me “don’t waste your time on this paper.  Do your original idea.  It’s way better.”  But, I already started researching this new one, and it’s due next Monday.  I will do my best to make it palatable.  Also, I want to make the presentation good enough to keep people from surfing Facebook the entire time I present.

Death of Cable?

I read a post saying certain major companies will suffer severe losses and possibly perish when cable dies.  Cable will do more than die: it will evolve.  The changes started years ago with the birth of streaming videos on the Internet.  Now, phones that are more than phones stream whatever you want, whenever you want it.  Online video services connected to every screen imaginable are the new children birthed by cable and technological innovation.  DVDs and music CDs are wasting away like the Neanderthals.  The new Homo sapiens–streaming, interconnected content–is here.  Or, is he only Homo erectus, and the true master technology has yet to come?


It’s amazing how easy it is to procrastinate, especially if you have “flexible” deadlines.  For example, I have a project due that I haven’t finished, but I’m pretty sure the person will take it after the deadline.  Therefore, instead of being responsible and doing it early in my break, I let the sun beckon and lead me outside.  Now, I am over-caffeinated, easily distracted, and still barely into the paper.  True, I have more done than when I began, but I am definitely not where I need to be.


Having a clean workspace is important.  Organization is key to knowing what you have available, what you finished, and what you have left to accomplish.  Also, who wants to work in a pigpen?

I am spending part of today cleaning my apartment so I can see what I have left to do.  Cleaning thoroughly once in a while in addition to balancing my checkbook and performing other chores helps me clear my mind and ready myself to perform other tasks, like writing papers and practicing.