One of my deadlines this semester became more concrete this week.  I have to finish gathering data for my pilot study by Monday, and I have an advertising paper and powerpoint to finish by Monday as well.  I will have a lot of time tonight and tomorrow to work on everything, if I can concentrate.  I keep thinking about personal stuff.  It’s a bit distracting.  (See “Le Oiseau Rebelle” for more on the personal stuff.)

Fortunately, I made an outline for the advertising class paper.  I don’t feel very confident about the paper.  It’s about the history of advertising, including product placement.  It feels like my teacher is a bit too positive about everything.  She doesn’t correct people very often and says everything is great.  It’s nice that she is so perky.  It’s also detrimental when I want her to tell me “don’t waste your time on this paper.  Do your original idea.  It’s way better.”  But, I already started researching this new one, and it’s due next Monday.  I will do my best to make it palatable.  Also, I want to make the presentation good enough to keep people from surfing Facebook the entire time I present.


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