I did it again.  I waited until the last minute to work on a paper, and now I will have to work on it over Festival International weekend.  While I did work on other projects this semester, I had trouble focusing on this one.  My lack of focus means I am still researching and writing the paper.  I will still be able to attend Festival, since I am in one of the groups performing Saturday.  I am also going to Jazz Fest Sunday to watch Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett–and other performers, too.  I don’t care for the venue, but Jazz Fest is still fun.  All of this means I will still have fun.  It’s a more structured version of fun than I prefer, but it will still be fun.

Back to work!  I’m starting page 7 of 15.  I’m still irritated about having extra work assigned tonight–my teacher asked me to attend a department thing on a (Festival) Friday night, as if I don’t have better things to do.  Anyway, everything will work out.

I never learn.  I sort of do.  In the end, I still put things off.


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