Ten Ways Working for a Lit Mag Can Boost Your Writing Career | The Review Review

Ten Ways Working for a Lit Mag Can Boost Your Writing Career | The Review Review.


Can’t Sleep

I’m awake & having trouble sleeping again.  I finally received a call from a retail store about a part-time job, but they only want to pay minimum wage. When I calculated it against what I make as a grad assistant, it’s about $300 less per month for the same number of hours.  It’s hard to swallow, especially when I have been paid more for part-time retail work.  I don’t have any other income right now. So far, it is the only offer I have received besides very sporadic work in other fields.  I don’t know what to do if they offer me the job tomorrow.  There still isn’t a guarantee, but I think I will have to screw up the interview very badly in order not to receive an offer.  An acquaintance offered to look over my resume & see if I look like a candidate for her office.  I don’t know if the offer stands, but it would be a step in a more forward direction than taking this other job.  It may not be my dream job, but if I can get it I will earn more experience & probably better pay than working for a retailer who wants me in a non-commission, minimum wage area.

Adobe dilemma

I can’t decide whether or not it is worth it to keep my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for the next few months.  It’s $20/month, and I’m barely using the programs.  However, I do still use them a little.  If I cancel, I will be charged half of the remaining balance.  This means I lose half of my money.  It also means I keep half of the money; however, I would lose the programs.  I’ll probably continue paying it and keep the programs until September when the license ends.  I may not use the programs very often, but they do come in handy.  Or maybe not.  By the time I decide, it will be September. 😛


Job applications today are different from those of yesteryear.  Most companies require you to apply online.  Some weed out the less suitable applicants using software primed to find key terms in resumes.  Others use people for the same purpose.  Either way, you’re out if you don’t have what they call “the right stuff.”  To combat this pre-screening, applicants are told to add key terms and reformat their resumes in ways their potential employers may like.  I have no idea if it really works.  It seems like either you’re what they want or you aren’t.

I’ll keep sending applications.  In the meantime, I’ll work on getting a band together.  I keep thinking I have one, but then everything falls apart.  Or they don’t call back.  Worst of all, it feels like it’s impossible to get people to call you back, especially if you aren’t on “the list” of musicians already gigging.  I don’t know if other people have to do this too, but if I don’t have something lined up, no one wants to play.  It’s very discouraging.  Between being kind of shy and sometimes needing to show more confidence in my abilities–and, unfortunately, being an attractive woman in music who plays instruments more than she sings or shakes her ass–I couldn’t get gigs in high school and barely did in college.  I know I can do it, if only other musicians would give me a chance.  I’ll keep working on booking things before I have a band.  I’ll give myself a chance first.  If I don’t make opportunities for me, no one else will.

Summer jobs

I spoke to someone Monday about getting work in foley and recording for movies.  He was a bit down about the state of the industry, but he said he will let me know when their upcoming projects happen.  I will be able to watch and participate to see if it’s something I want to do.  He said he will also pass my information on to other people.  He seemed sincere in his efforts to help me and help me help him.

A friend of mine called me the other day and offered me some work this weekend.  I don’t know how much I’m getting paid, but she said I will receive money for my efforts.  This is great news because I am temporarily unemployed.  My school job is over until the fall, and I don’t have a temporary one just yet.  I have a paying show at the end of June.  Otherwise, I’m sort of dead in the water.  I sent an application to a clothing store.  I also spoke to a few people who said they may have some work for me later.  I will still apply to some other places, since I don’t have anything concrete yet.