Some of my friends graduated today, and I am very excited for them.  A couple of them are working in their chosen fields, and I think the others will find jobs they want soon.

I called someone about a position with a sound effects recording studio today.  He was in the middle of a project, so I am waiting for a return call this afternoon.  I really hope he calls me and offers a paid full-time position.  Of course, that’s the best case scenario.  After reading about him, I think I could handle being an unpaid intern for him if it means adding to my reel and job experience.  I also applied to a local retail store in case I don’t receive any money.  I will probably apply to a few more if the phone call tonight doesn’t pan out.  I also have a couple of other industry-related numbers to call, but I think they may be in the same boat as the guy I called today.

My friends and I have a paying gig in June.  June is a long time from now, and I have bills to pay.  Even if the other group projects I am trying turn into paying gigs, I will still need some sort of work to pay my bills.  My electricity bill is outrageous now, since both my dehumidifier and air conditioner are running.  I try to turn of the a/c whenever possible, but I know it’s going to be a hot summer in a hot apartment.  Also, I need to pay for dance classes and other expenses besides the bare necessities.


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