Job applications today are different from those of yesteryear.  Most companies require you to apply online.  Some weed out the less suitable applicants using software primed to find key terms in resumes.  Others use people for the same purpose.  Either way, you’re out if you don’t have what they call “the right stuff.”  To combat this pre-screening, applicants are told to add key terms and reformat their resumes in ways their potential employers may like.  I have no idea if it really works.  It seems like either you’re what they want or you aren’t.

I’ll keep sending applications.  In the meantime, I’ll work on getting a band together.  I keep thinking I have one, but then everything falls apart.  Or they don’t call back.  Worst of all, it feels like it’s impossible to get people to call you back, especially if you aren’t on “the list” of musicians already gigging.  I don’t know if other people have to do this too, but if I don’t have something lined up, no one wants to play.  It’s very discouraging.  Between being kind of shy and sometimes needing to show more confidence in my abilities–and, unfortunately, being an attractive woman in music who plays instruments more than she sings or shakes her ass–I couldn’t get gigs in high school and barely did in college.  I know I can do it, if only other musicians would give me a chance.  I’ll keep working on booking things before I have a band.  I’ll give myself a chance first.  If I don’t make opportunities for me, no one else will.


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