Can’t Sleep

I’m awake & having trouble sleeping again.  I finally received a call from a retail store about a part-time job, but they only want to pay minimum wage. When I calculated it against what I make as a grad assistant, it’s about $300 less per month for the same number of hours.  It’s hard to swallow, especially when I have been paid more for part-time retail work.  I don’t have any other income right now. So far, it is the only offer I have received besides very sporadic work in other fields.  I don’t know what to do if they offer me the job tomorrow.  There still isn’t a guarantee, but I think I will have to screw up the interview very badly in order not to receive an offer.  An acquaintance offered to look over my resume & see if I look like a candidate for her office.  I don’t know if the offer stands, but it would be a step in a more forward direction than taking this other job.  It may not be my dream job, but if I can get it I will earn more experience & probably better pay than working for a retailer who wants me in a non-commission, minimum wage area.


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