Bills & New Jobs (Honest Spending)

Nothing like balancing your checkbook and paying bills to curb your spending.  I spent more money going out with friends than I should have.  I think watching the numbers dwindle in my checkbook will help me stop myself from buying unnecessary things and from eating out or drinking too much at bars.

I am supposed to receive a phone call or email about my new job soon.  It’s a temporary retail position, but I need it to pay bills.  I was told I received the position at the interview, and I’m waiting for them to finish processing my paperwork.

I am also working on a cover letter to send to a person at a local ad agency.  My mother and her coworker know a person there, and they said they would send my information to her.  I went there last year, but I think my continued work on my resume and skills and experience acquired last year will boost me into the “hire” category instead of the “save for later” area.


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