New Job Blues

I started working part-time at a retail store a couple of weeks ago.  It’s going well, but once in a while, I feel negativity creeping in about my performance at work.  I am doing well for a beginner, but it’s hard to remember I am a beginner again.  I’m learning their work method and trying to apply my own techniques when I can.  I had a rough night a few days ago, but I think tonight will be better.  I need to remember people correct my actions because they care and notice I am doing what I can, not because they think I am bad at what I do.

Also, I found some new band members, and we have a show scheduled at the end of July.  The guys playing with me said they want to focus on having fun playing music first, which is what I want to do.  It looks like we might work.  They’re open to having subs and experimenting with new songs and techniques, so I think it has the potential to be great.  Now, time to start booking other gigs.


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