Show Tonight

One of my friends and I have been collaborating on a live music burlesque show, and tonight is our premiere performance.  I get a bit irritable before a show–especially a new show–and think “why the hell am I doing this” until a few hours before the show.  Then, the excitement kicks in, and if I feel prepared, I feel more positive and let myself have fun.  I think tonight is going to be a great night.  It’s the start of a great collaboration.  I’ve wanted to bring my music to a different level of live performance, and I think performing with dancers will make everything more fun.  Sure, minor things always happen, but that’s part of the excitement of a live performance.  Not to sound like a twat, but live performance really is very “organic.”  The rehearsal the other day with the dancers added additional evolution to the performance, causing each group to change parts in order to make everything work.  It’s going to work.

The best way to handle my fear of messing up is to remind myself I’m playing for a bunch of drunks who probably barely recognize the ass end of a quarter note, if they know music at all.  I feel good about tonight.  You’re never “fully” prepared, but we have rehearsed with the dancers and with each other.  Everyone knows not to show up wasted and to wait until the end if they want to overindulge.  Yes, we’ll probably all take a couple of sips of bourbon before the show–our name is the Old-fashioned Pubcrawlers.  However, we’re approaching this like pros and don’t plan on being drunken jackasses with instruments.  That’s for after we leave the club. 😉


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