Break time

I managed to eke out another short essay for my ethnomusicology seminar course.  I was exhausted from a weekend of minimal sleep, poor diet, and a decent amount of partying, but I somehow pulled through.  Now, I am sort of awake and plan to read a bit more of an article I need to read in order to transcribe its corresponding musical selection.  My somewhat normal routine was shot to hell last week because I was housesitting.  Also, I have been assisting and partially subbing for a sick professor in my department, so some of my free time has been removed.  The rest has been me either procrastinating/relaxing when I should be working either by myself or socializing with my friends or boyfriend.  I love hanging out with them, but I need to learn when to say no and go work.

Now would be one of those times…

I’m heading back to work then pass out on my bed.  Good luck, fellow students.  May you actually read and follow the examples listed in the time management pamphlets.


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