Work & Life

Here is a great podcast transcription from the Freakonomics team on analysis of the factors contributing to the gender wage gap.  It’s a little different than what most people assume.  The section on the effects of blind auditions in orchestras struck a chord with me because of my experiences as a musician auditioning for different programs or placement in groups.

I am still working on collecting data for my thesis.  I feel frustrated because it’s taking so long, and every time I take what would be considered normal breaks, I feel guilty because I am not working on my paper.  I think I’ll try asking my boyfriend if he would be okay with us chilling together this weekend while I work.  If he sits near me, I feel more inclined to work because of additional guilt if I waste our time by not working.

My assistantship bothers me a little less this semester, partly because I am doing less in it.  However, I still wish it was over.  The sooner I finish my paper and graduate, the better.  Therefore, I will resume working.