Coffee Break

Here is a video of a foley artist replicating the sound of coffee brewing with his mouth.  The campaign idea is very ingenious: show the steam, have the sounds, but don’t show the coffee brewing.  Watch the video to see the commercial and the artist working on the sound effects.  Did I mention he is from Studio Ghibli?


Thesis penultimate bar

Whoo!! I loved seeing this in my comments window today:

“From this point forward, I will only be looking at the first few pages of each chapter. My role is not to line edit any section of your draft, but to point out common errors so that when you go through the editing process, you’ll have a better idea of what kinds of errors you’re looking for. This means you’ll have to go through the entire draft yourself and address the same kinds of errors I’ve addressed on reviewed pages. Your draft is really clean (and I mean REALLY clean!!), which will make your editing process both easier and harder. You’ll find fewer mistakes, but unfortunately, those errors will be anomalies, rather than common mistakes that I can point out to you as things to scan for specifically.”– love, the grad dept.

I finished almost all of the edits, and I am SO ready to finish.  I can’t wait to tell people I am done.