Attention to Detail

I missed a key detail in a part-time job fair posting from my university: it is only open to students and businesses who wish to hire students.

I am no longer a student.

This may be an issue.

Edit: I called the office, & apparently I misunderstood the post. It is for current students & alumni. Time to put on my shoes & pound the pavement.


How to not write your thesis

It’s been a while since I published anything here.  Life and schoolwork have kept me busy.  I finished the first final draft of my master’s thesis.  It took my chair three weeks to read the new part and return it, which means I am on an even tighter deadline than before the delay to graduate this semester.  And yet, I am beating myself up again for not working harder and faster on my paper this week in order to turn it in by Friday.  I will have to turn it in Monday, as my professor suggested when he gave it to me.  It probably is for the best, since I have to run additional tests on data, check my APA formatting, etc. before I give it to him.  I’m going biking Saturday, so I really have to buckle down and finish what I can before and after jazz band and my hopefully very brief student meeting tomorrow.

Here is a list of ways to avoid writing (or editing) your thesis:

  • Check out blogs and other websites; possibly follow up by writing about your inability to focus on your project.
  • Watch “just one” episode of an engrossing TV show, and let it turn into a five-hour marathon of intense soul-searching through the characters in the program.
  • Practice your music, which has nothing to do with the thesis
  • Workout and view information on sports health
  • Drink and socialize because you’re worn out from worrying about your thesis and your physical health
  • Agonize over running shoes online
  • Look for the latest and greatest new bands and their albums

The list is infinite.  What would you add?

Royally Boned

I think I am screwed.  I have a paper and powerpoint presentation due in two hours, and I barely started both.  I had an odd and unproductive–for school projects–Mardi Gras break.  Anyway, back to work.  Time to see how much magic I can muster.