Here is a link to an article on what it means to be a copywriter. Copywriters write content covering various topics, including advertising, writing campaigns, and researching projects or sourcing images.

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Modern notebook

People write everything from quick memos to novels on their phones.

I like to use mine as an idea notebook while out running errands or jogging in the park.  I can write notes, take pictures, draw, or even record audio or video if I want.

Phones also function as social media networking devices.  While it can be a bad thing to be bombarded with information 24/7, having the option to check a product or update personal Web information away from the desk is important for many individuals. 

How do you use your phone?

What apps are most important to you?

How to not write your thesis

It’s been a while since I published anything here.  Life and schoolwork have kept me busy.  I finished the first final draft of my master’s thesis.  It took my chair three weeks to read the new part and return it, which means I am on an even tighter deadline than before the delay to graduate this semester.  And yet, I am beating myself up again for not working harder and faster on my paper this week in order to turn it in by Friday.  I will have to turn it in Monday, as my professor suggested when he gave it to me.  It probably is for the best, since I have to run additional tests on data, check my APA formatting, etc. before I give it to him.  I’m going biking Saturday, so I really have to buckle down and finish what I can before and after jazz band and my hopefully very brief student meeting tomorrow.

Here is a list of ways to avoid writing (or editing) your thesis:

  • Check out blogs and other websites; possibly follow up by writing about your inability to focus on your project.
  • Watch “just one” episode of an engrossing TV show, and let it turn into a five-hour marathon of intense soul-searching through the characters in the program.
  • Practice your music, which has nothing to do with the thesis
  • Workout and view information on sports health
  • Drink and socialize because you’re worn out from worrying about your thesis and your physical health
  • Agonize over running shoes online
  • Look for the latest and greatest new bands and their albums

The list is infinite.  What would you add?

Royally Boned

I think I am screwed.  I have a paper and powerpoint presentation due in two hours, and I barely started both.  I had an odd and unproductive–for school projects–Mardi Gras break.  Anyway, back to work.  Time to see how much magic I can muster.