Working on it

I spent part of this morning editing on of my blogs.  I decided to hide negative posts related to certain people.  I left most of the family related ones, but I felt some of the negative friend or family posts were too much and needed to be hidden.

I plan on hiding a few possibly offensive ones here, too.  Some of the work posts here might be a bit too much to share online with people who know me.

Here is a question:

Is self-censorship a necessary part of living in society, or is it a hindrance to expressing feelings and intentions?


Modern notebook

People write everything from quick memos to novels on their phones.

I like to use mine as an idea notebook while out running errands or jogging in the park.  I can write notes, take pictures, draw, or even record audio or video if I want.

Phones also function as social media networking devices.  While it can be a bad thing to be bombarded with information 24/7, having the option to check a product or update personal Web information away from the desk is important for many individuals. 

How do you use your phone?

What apps are most important to you?