I am working on implementing my daily success plan.  I can now wake up at 6am–a feat I never thought possible–and accomplish some of what I want.  Now, I am working on completing tasks in a timely manner. It is taking alot of effort to stay partially on track. Moving completely onto it will be even more problematic. I keep reminding myself to rip off the bandage and go for it. It is easier to work once you start.

I am taking the GRE graduate exam again next week.  I feel more confident because I am more prepared now than I was five years ago, when I took it for the first time.  However, the past couple of weeks have been difficult. It’s hard for me to focus on studying. I want to do other things, like cook or exercise or watch shows online. I need to study. I also need to clean laundry and my house. In turn, I have continued spending my weekends with my boyfriend and other friends. I live where everyone parties, which makes it especially arduous to remove myself from party situations. My aunt has been living with my mom for almost a month, so I don’t feel comfortable going there, either. I didn’t before because, when my mom and I are home together, I feel obligated to visit with her. I like visiting; however, I would also like a place to study without people bothering me or my conscience. 

These are all valid excuses; nonetheless, they remain excuses. I have until next Thursday to study. After that, I cram for two broadcasting conference presentations. Ready steady go!